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LIVE (Leading International Vaccinology Education) is a two-year Master programme for talented and motivated students interested in multidisciplinary studies in Vaccinology.  It is an Erasmus+ Mundus Joint Master Degree between five European universities, each one awarding a Master degree of excellent quality. The LIVE Master is connected and organized by a consortium of more than fifty Partners worldwide including Higher Education Institutions, Clinical and/or Research centres, Small and Medium size Enterprises, Big Pharma Companies and Health Organizations interested in Vaccinology applied to infectiology, cancerology and immune and/or metabolic chronic diseases.

Students are enrolled to run the LIVE programme with a qualification equivalent to 180 ECTS (bachelor level), and then they acquire 120 ECTS during the two-year LIVE Master programme. Students can go and work with their Master. Alternatively, the LIVE Master conveys the ECTS qualifications required to register for a Ph.D. programme. Applicants interested in doctoral studies are encouraged to consider the more than 15 PhD programmes funded by our associated partners. However they are free to target the Ph.D. programme of their choice worldwide and they enjoy using the LIVE family networking to find a great venue for doctoral studies with experts either in cutting-edge science or in a complementary multidisciplinary field.

LIVE Master scholarships provided by EACEA or by Associated Partners are available for European and Non-European candidates.

                             Detailed informations are available at the LIVE Website click here copie.png