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Practical information


→ Contacts


  •   Carole VERNAY : Registration, academic transcript and diploma

  • Marie Cécile FRISON : exams, time schedule, internship agreement

  • Christophe VILLARD : Abroad internship, international students


  • Richard MIALLOT :  Second year of Master of Cancer Biology 2018-2019


  • Fanny BAILLAT : Second year of Master of Therapeutic Innovations in Oncology 2018-2019



→ Student life

           An M1 (first year) / M2 (second year) sponsorship is set up at the beginning of the year to share the experience of the Master's degree, teacher slideshows and information related to the Master's degree but also to guide the M1 on the choice of options or courses.

            A sponsorship Facebook group is realized as well as a group of the promotion, for you to continue this tradition !

Sponsorship Facebook group


→ Compensation rules

The compensation and non-compensation rules are as follows :

  • A teaching unit is validated with a final score = or > to 10, you can not retake your exam it to improve your grade.
  • If you get a final grade at a teaching unit between 8 and 10, you can choose to retake the exam or compensate
  • A final grade <8 at a teaching unit is eliminatory, you must obligatorily present yourself in 2nd session


→ University Restaurant

To eat at Rockefeller: a university restaurant and a cafeteria

Unisersity restaurant  CROUS de Lyon -St Etienne
 Monday to Friday
11:30am - 1:45pm

" Le Rabelais" Cafeteria
Monday to Friday
7:30am - 6pm


 To eat at Laennec: a cafeteria, Monday to Friday, 7:30 am - 3 pm


→ Online ressources

Slideshows, group composition, tutorial, scientific papers and informations

Consulting time schedule

University mailbox
→ Set up your e-mail on your smartphone (Android or Apple)
 To have the university mail directly on the email application of your smartphone, here is the necessary information:
Account Type : Microsoft Exchange
Email Address : (* replace by your login)
Server :
Username: UNIV-LYON1\p0000000* (* replace by your credentials)
Password : Enter your  Claroline Connect password


→ Training places

The courses are mainly given on the campuses of Rockefeller and Laennec. Some units shared with other Master's degree (Teaching unit: Fundamental Immunology) are held on the campus of the DOUA. The courses at the veterinary school are grouped on 2 times two days during the month of September and December (First year of Master's degree) and January (Second year of Master's degree).