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About Master of Oncology


Master of Oncology is attached to the Pharmaceutical and Biological Science Institute of Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University. 


  Download the information brochure Master's Degree information brochure


This university degree is unique in France : 

- Oncology specialized since the Master's degree first year

- Co-diploma : VetAgro Sup and University of Lyon

- Created in 2013 in the frame of "Future investment project" - DEVweCAN excellence laboratory.

- Foreign universities partnership






Cancer research has become a national priority since the first Cancer Plan (2003-2007). Today, The main purpose in oncology is to achieve a "personalized medicine". That means, establish a genetic, molecular and cellular map each cancer to customize treatment by finding new therapeutic targets. The joint national and regional action to support cancer research and today need to progress towards personalized medicine in oncology should lead to the design of adapted training courses for future actors in oncology research, both in the academic field than in the private sector, in both fundamental and translational research, as well as in the training of health personnel, with more and more doctors and pharmacists having dual training. Doctor of Medicine and Doctorate of Universities (MD-PhD) and Doctor of Pharmacy-University Doctorate (PharmD-PhD).


It is in this context that in 2013, I created the Master of Oncology, which is currently the only master degree in France entirely dedicated to oncology research. This master is locally backed by very large internationally recognized research and treatment structures that are:

Lyon Cancer Research Center (○

Léon Bérard Center  (○

LabEX DEVweCAN Development Cancer and targeted therapies (○ devwecan)

- LYRICAN (○ Cancer lyric)

- Convergences François Rabelais Institute (○ L'institut Convergence François Rabelais).


logo_vetagro_sup_vertical.png Master of Oncology is co-authored with VetAgro Sup Lyon and is one of the master's degree certified by the University of Lyon  (○


Master of Oncology also has a very strong international policy, institutional partnerships with the University of Tokyo, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the University of Ottawa. We have created a new exchange agreement with the University of Melbourne. We are also a privileged partner of the MIT-France program.



Pr Caroline Moyret-Lalle

Head of Master of Oncology 

& head of  Master's degree 1st year Cancer