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Assistant Professor 

  • Research: Lab of Engineering of Polymer Materials- IMP@Lyon1,
    • Theme 2 "Structure and Rheology of Polymer Materials",
    • Theme 4 "Polymer Materials at the Interface with Life Sciences".
  • Teaching: Chemistry-Biochemistry Department.

Contact informations:

   - Office 304, Bldg Polytech'Lyon, UCBL
   - Phone: +33 4 72 43 15 67
   - e-mail:







Research Activities

Theme 4 : - Mechanical and physical properties of hydrogels and tissues,
               - Structure of biosourced amphiphilic copolymers,
               - Structure-properties relationship in physical hydrogels,
               - Engineering of the surface of implants.

Theme 2 : - Ordering of the structure of block copolymer mixtures under shear,
               - Synthesis of anisotropic particles within melt polymer matrixes.



Champs d'intérêt

Polysaccharides; chitosan; responsive interpolymer complexes;
thermodynamics, mechanical and surface properties of hydrogels;

Surface modification, wetting; polymer brushes; adhesion;

Polymer electrolyte membranes; ionic conductivity; block copolymer morphology; 

Reflectivity and scattering techniques; molecular characterization techniques.



Teaching activities

Electromagnetics, Licence 2;
Characterization of polymers and standardization, Licence 3 Pro;
Ecodesign, durability and end-of-life of polymer-based objects, Licence 3 Pro & Master 2;
Polymer solutions, Master 1;
Structure characterization by scattering techniques, Master 2;

Master Matériaux




Short CV

2007 Engineering degree, ESPCI ParisTech, Paris (France)
2007 Master, Physics of Liquids and Soft Matter, UPMC, Paris (France)
2011 PhD, Physics and Chemistry of Materials, UPMC, Paris (France)
2011 Post-doctoral fellow, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (USA)
2012 Associate professor, UCBL, Lyon (France)