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In order to be able to initiate to the health response to a situation of exception a very large number of stakeholders from different professions, belonging to different services, and with a view to harmonization and improvement of practices, four learned societies (SFMC, SFMU, SUdF et SFCU) have decided to combine their efforts to deploy this internationally recognized training in France. This training supplements but does not replace the training currently offered to the various health professionals and relief. We hope that the MRMI trainings deployed throughout France will allow enriching and cordial exchanges between the various services' stakeholders.

The organization in France of MRMI courses under the aegis of ESTES and the MRMID  (International Association for Promotion of Education and Training in Major Incidents and Disasters) requires an administrative, logistical, educational and scientific structure. This is why the SFMC, the SFMU, SUdF and the SFCU founded on June 26th, 2017 a federation-type 1901 law association. They invite all learned societies, associations, public and private institutions involved in the health response to become actors in this project by joining MRMI-France as active members (bodies with national competence) or associate members (organizations with regional competence or as well as those interested as individual members.