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About Arqus

The Arqus European University Alliance brings together the universities of BergenGranadaGrazLeipzigLyonPadua, Vilnius, Minho and Wrocław, nine longstanding comprehensive research universities with deep regional engagement in medium-sized cities. Arqus is a multilateral alliance of internationalized institutions who share academic, scientific and cultural objectives, a common vision of the role of higher education and research and mutual fields of interest.


Research Focus Forum on Climate Change and Biodiversity

In the framework of the Arqus project, the Universities Lyon 1, Lyon 3 and Saint-Étienne are organising their first Research Focus Forum on Climate Change and Biodiversity.

When? May 30th to June 1st 2022

Where? Université Lyon 1, La Doua Campus - Lyon (FRANCE)

Climate change is expected to have significant negative effects on biodiversity in the near future. The collapse of biodiversity will have significant feedback effects on the Earth's climate as well as on human health and food sources. The goal of the Research Focus Forum is to exchange on different topics such as Climate change and biodiversity: natural evolution and human impacts (what we can learn from the past), Anthropocene and future climate: modelling and uncertainties, the impact of climate change on biodiversity and feedbacks on climate change but also the impact of biodiversity change on human and animal health and imaging solutions for climate change and biodiversity




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