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International Summer School on Analytical Science, Metrology and Accreditation



This summer school was created because 

  • Chemical and bio-chemical analysis is everywhere in science and society
  • Good science and proper decision making requires quality assured data
  • Accreditation and metrology become more and more important
  • Analytical laboratories are required to work according to the international standard ISO/IEC 17025
  • Active and problem based pedagogy are highly efficient to teach analytical chemistry 



Content: covers broad range of topics related to quality assurance, ISO/IEC-17025, metrology and accreditation

  • Traceability, uncertainty, compliance assessment, validation, use of CRMs, internal and external quality assurance, interlaboratory comparisons, auditing
  • Essential in today's analytical laboratories


Effective and attractive pedagogical approach: apply on the spot what we teach !

  • Problem based and active learning
  • Student centred
  • Two weeks intensive school, with real lab work
  • Emphasis on transversal skills


The MSC summer school environment is by nature international, with participants from all across the globe. So far, there have been 403 participants, from 36 different countries in 4 different continents.