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Master 2 Neurosciences Fondamentales et Cliniques 


The Master DEGREE - RESEARCH IN NEUROSCIENCES aims to promote skills acquisition in the field of Neuroscience, including fundamental and clinical research and multi-levels approaches to both normal and pathological cerebral functions. Open to students with a background in any of the various domains of neuroscience, it gives students a broad and solid neuroscientific knowledge base, from molecular neurobiology to integrated and cognitive neuroscience, while also allowing the student to acquire specific skills during training periods spent in the laboratory. The M2 NFC program provides students with a solid neuroscientific training including theoretical courses, practical sessions, and research projects. These elements are critical for the integration of knowledge and its practical application to problems of a neurophysiological or neuropathological nature. The M2 NFC benefits from a large network of neuroscience labs, one of the most important in France.

The M2 NFC is moving towards teaching in English only. However, for 2018-2019 a few courses will still require understanding of French.


Coordinators of the M2 "Neurosciences Fondamentales et Cliniques":

Emiliano Macaluso

Marion Richard