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thesis timeline.png

1. The students return the internship fact sheet (SupDoc1_ of the internship to the JMD-LIVE secretariat before February 15.
2. The Steering Committee organizes trio of assessors for written reports and jury for oral defence. The internship fact sheet is used by the Steering Committee (SC) to organize the trio of assessors for reports who will read and evaluate the two reports of the internship. Each trio of assessors for reports is composed of three people: one specialist from associated partners of the JMD-LIVE, one specialist from laboratories associated to the national master and one member of the national jury master where the student is registered. The JMD-LIVE secretariat sends the assessor references (names and e-mails) to students, assessors and local coordinators by e-mail, before March 1. The jury for oral defence is composed of 7 people: the steering committee (or one member from the national jury master of the main partners) and two local academic professors or researchers from the laboratories associated to the local national master. The secretariat plans the date of the defence between June 15 and June 30.
3. The students send their bibliography report by e-mail to the JMD-LIVE secretariat, his/her trio of assessors and local coordinator, before March 15.
4. The students send their master thesis by e-mail to the JMD-LIVE secretariat, his/her trio of assessors and local coordinator, before June 7.
5. The steering committee with the secretariat organizes the oral defence under the form of a public common symposium open to all students and partners, between June 15 and June 30, in front of the 7 jury members appointed before March 1. The jury conducts the defence evaluation according to the common guidelines written in §4.5. The professional tutor is not allowed to attend to his/her student presentation. At the end of the defence, the defence jury shall transmit to the secretariat notes.
6. Before June 30, the four following items shall be sent to the secretariat (i) the notes of the oral defence sent by the jury, (ii) the professional work evaluation of the students sent by the professional tutors, (iii) both evaluation forms for bibliography reports and master thesis sent by the assessors of reports and (iv) evaluation of languages sent by local coordinator.
7. Before July 5, the secretariat forwards all evaluation of the semester 4 to the steering committee for the jury of the semester 4. The final JMD-LIVE diploma jury will be held at S4 by the SC and before July 15.