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LIVE Integration Week

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The first integration week was in Lyon during the first week of september 2016.
It was a real success and the students have enjoyed this first moment together.

" Integration overall was a good experience. I particularly liked the activities that allowed LIVE students to interact and connect with each other, such as the cooking lessons, the tour of Lyon, the visit to Sanofi Pasteur, Prof. Delprat's barbecue, etc. Thus, one could say that the program at Lyon that one week successfully 'integrated' students into the program."

" It was well organized, fun, engaging, purposeful, and educationally sound, with clear integration week goals."

" I'd say the well organized and fantastic week. Every minute was enjoyable and thank you for the good deeds."

" The integration week was definitely a hands full,  but you remained resolute. I must say that I was keenly inspired by your great enthusiasm and unwavering energy;
you were indeed unstoppable!"

" It was a pleasure to meet all of the coordinators of LIVE. Under my perspective I though the integration week was phenomenal. As I see it, you managed to turn something usually boring and difficult like the registration at the university and the learning of 'how-to-use-the-university-platforms" into something really exciting and fun! Also, everything was well organised. We had no problems with our accomodation, places to eat, schedules, etc. Which I believe it was a lot hard to manage than we all think. In sum of that we LIVE students got to know each other pretty well and became very close, which I also believe it is very important to make us good students when we start classes. "





Updated on Nov 2, 2020