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Coming to Antwerp - estimated cost of living

To ensure that your university degree choice is a success, we'd like to provide you with an estimate of costs associated with your study and living in Antwerp.


What will a year's study cost you?

  • Tuition fees: these fees are covered by the fees of the LIVE master programme
  • Books and study material: approximately 200 euro for the semester you will be staying at the University of Antwerp
  • Housing: Renting a private room costs approximately 350 euro per month; a studio around 450 euro per month (plus water and electricity charges).
  • Food: a meal in one of the student restaurants on campus costs between 3 and 5 euro. 

Other costs to consider:

  • public transport
  • bicycle rent
  • health, liability and travel insurance, if needed
  • UA+ pass for 20 euro, gives access to sports facilities and cultural activities at the University of Antwerp cultural and leisure activities