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Coming to Antwerp - on arrival

Before you can start the courses, you need to complete administrative paperwork at the University, such as enrolment and residence permit application.

Enrolment for the University of Antwerp will be done already upon arrival in Lyon in September 2016 during the induction week. The process includes an online preregistration for which you will have support on site from staff of the University of Antwerp. At that time, we will also need a copy of your ID car d or passport and a digital passport picture. The second part, the enrolment in person, will be done upon physical arrival in Antwerp during the welcome days.

 Orientation Days - Upon physical arrival in Antwerp, at the beginning of the second semester, all exchange students are welcomed during the Orientation Days. All you need to know about the university, living and studying in Antwerp will be explained to you. It is strongly advised to attend the Orientation Days. You  also will be welcomed by the local coordinator Prof. Peter Delputte and the staff from the University and the Faculty responsible for international students. We will introduce you to the key staff involved in the LIVE Master program and provide you with practical information and help you with any remaining questions you might have.