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Coming to Barcelona - Residence permit and registration certificate


EU-students (including Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and the Swiss Confederation) who are going to stay in Spain for more than 3 months must be registered in the EU Citizens Register (Registro Central de Extranjeros) of the province where they will be residing. This Office will issue a registration certificate giving you the right to live in Spain for the duration of your study period.

Necessary documents:

-          European register form EX18 (2 copies)

-          Valid passport or ID (original and copy)

-          Original and copy of the enrolment

-          European healthcare card or medical insurance

-          Sworn statement of having economics means during your stay in Spain.

Non-EU students

The non-EU students, who are going to stay in Spain for less than 6 months, don't need to do any procedure at their arrival. Please, check with the International Welcome Point that you are holding the correct visa before your departure.

Important note : Always carry a copy of your passport and visa in force when abroad in case of police control.