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Student life in UCBL/UJM - Housing allowance

About… the housing allowance (“CAF”)


  • holding a 6-month D Type visa
  • having carried out the required OFII formalities (French Office for Immigration and Integration)
  • Renting the same place for more than 3 months

… which should be the case to all LIVE students can apply to so-called “APL” – Personalized Housing Help or “AL” – Housing Allowance / benefit.

We'll help you apply to this housing allowance at the time of the administrative registration during the induction week.

You'll have to bring:

  • copy of your passport, visa and OFFI stamp
  • copy of your Bank account details
  • copy of your birth certificate (for non European students)

Benefits can be claimed only from the second month's rent onwards (the first month is not taken into consideration). Students usually receive on their bank account this allowance starting the month of November.

Vacating your apartment before the end of a month results in losing housing benefit for this month

Housing benefit is not automatically awarded. Each case is treated individually.

If you're a non-European student and need a residence permit, the payment of housing allowance will only start when your residence permit is issued and when the CAF has received a copy of your residence permit. However, we'll help you to required this housing allowance as soon as the induction week because the date of this is the date of the request that will be taken into account to calculate your rights.

Make sure that you have with you all originals or certified copies of your application and a translation in French of your birth certificate (The CAF office will require it to process your student housing benefits).