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Student life in UCBL/UJM - Insurance

All LIVE students (EMJMD scholarship holder as well as self-financed students) are provided (cost included in Participation Costs) a full health and accident insurance coverage.

This insurance coverage comply with the Minimum requirements for the health and accident insurance coverage provided under Erasmus+ Joint Master Degrees, as per European Commission guidelines.

We're working with Marsh, a global leader insurance broker.

> Download general provisions of the Marsh Erasmus Mundus (MEM) insurance cover

> Download a summary of the cover

Each students will received, upon selection, a personal insurance certificate (that can be requested at the time of visa application), stating contract number and period of coverage (starting 2 months before the academic start of the programme  – travel included – and ending 2 months after the end of the programme).

In case of emergency, you can call the Europese Emergency Switch board : 00 32 3253 68 00 (24/24 7/7)

For general requests (e.g. reimbursement of medical treatment) you should use the contact form of the MEM website:

In any case, don't hesitate to contact your administrative coordinator.