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# Scholarships

Q: Do I need to submit additional / separate application to be considered for scholarships?

A: No. Your online application to LIVE degrees will be used to award scholarships managed by the Consortium as well (Erasmus+ EMJMD scholarships, Consortium scholarships), and, if you're selected, to national scholarships programmes during the period of study. Scholarships attribution will be communicated at the same time as the outcome of the selection. Time will be given to applicants to confirm / choose between degrees in the light of the scholarship award (if you can only join one of our Programme with substantial financial support for instance).

However, there is a number of scholarships programmes (bilateral, multilateral) you may be eligible for. We encourage you to look for such opportunities, that can complement the financial support you may receive from us. We'll provide any needed supporting documentation but application to such programmes are your own responsibility. Application process and supporting documentation differs between programmes.

# Financial Means

Q: I wish to enroll your Programme but I don't have the financial ability to finance this period of study. What are my options?

A: Applying to LIVE Master's Degrees will means applying to scholarships managed by the Consortium as well. Erasmus+ EMJMD is a very generous scholarship that can virtually finance any expenses (including costs of living and travel expenses) during your 2-years Master's Degree enrollment. Other programmes are available to scientific students with outstanding academic background. Please do apply; you'll be informed of scholarship award at the same time as the selection outcome and given time to decide if you wish to enroll given the level of financial support we offer. 

Q: With the banks from my country, we cannot access money in our local account outside the country. What bank account will receive the European scholarship (payment for installation, travel and subsistence costs)?

A: The secretariat opens a French bank account for all students at very attractive terms to solve all the problems for your payment. We are not allowed to transfer funds before presentation and registration at the university of Lyon, France. The French bank will provide you a credit card and the corresponding bank account welcome your money for installation (student from Partner countries, only), for travel (1st year) and your first monthly allowance, in September.

# Application

Q: I have no Family name, how should I fill the name? 

A:  The Family name = surname = last name is always present on the passeport. Exceptionally, the given name = first name is missing then, it is written "FNU" for "First Name Unknown" on the passport and you do the same in your application. Please fill out your identity information as written on your passeport.

 Q: What happens if I can't provide the necessary application documents?

A: All admission conditions have to be met before the start of the academic year. Should you fail to provide the necessary documents, your admission to the programme is void and you are not allowed to participate.

Q: In the choices for course of study there is only Scientist / PharmD / DVM / MD ; I've bachelor degree in Pharmacy; what to do?

A: Please choose « Scientist / PharmD / DVM / MD» if you follow scientific or engineering / pharmaceutical / veterinary / medical studies, respectively.

Q: I have graduated with bachelor of science degree in Animal Health / nursery: am i eligible to apply for the LIVE?

A: Yes, with a BSc level obtained in biological sciences, you can apply for the LIVE programme. The selection process requires a high level in six fields that you should work (BSc level) in addition to your studies, if they are not enough developed on that fields, which are: molecular biology, cellular biology, biochemistry, human physiology, microbiology-virology and immunology.

Q: I cannot provide the IELTS or TOEFL English qualification before the deadline, can I provide alternative English qualification now and IELTS or TOEFL result later?

A: If you are a native English speaker: tick the box available on MyLIVE application.

  • If you have obtained a diploma in English: please upload your certificate of successful higher education studies performed in English at least 6-months), established by the university that has delivered the related diploma.
  • If you have passed the IELTS (academic test) or TOEFL English qualification: please upload your certificate with results.
  • If you have passed an English test different from IELTS or TOEFL and equivalence between your English qualification test and IELTS/TOEFL test is available on an independent web source, the LIVE admission team will directly take into account your English language qualification. If applicable, please indicate inside the document you upload the web link where the equivalence between your test and IELTS/TOEFL test can be checked.
  • If you do not belong to the previous groups and cannot provide the IELTS or TOEFL English qualification before the deadline: waiting for your English proficiency, 
    • Your ability to write in English and to understand written English are evaluated at the step of pre-selection through the statement and the prerequisite test (Multiple Answer Survey), respectively. 
    • Then, if pre-selected, your English oral skills will be evaluated during your interview. 
    • In the section “Qualifications and Experience > English Language Qualifications”, you must fill out at least one qualification of your English level. You can write a level of English language obtained at school, waiting for your IELTS/TOEFL test result. Alternatively, you indicate “pending” in the box to validate an entry to be able to submit.
    • In the section "“Supporting Information > Supporting Documents > Copy of English Language Qualification”, please upload at the place of your English proficiency your available English qualification (as you described above, if applicable) and explanation why you do not provide the required IELTS/TOEFL document, with the commitment to do so. The minimum level described at the LIVE website in the menu “Applicants / Who can apply?” is required for final admission. 
    • If you are selected to participate in the LIVE programme without valid English proficiency, you will be first offered conditional admission. Conditional admission is valid until the end of July, thus the missing degree certificate (English proficiency) must be sent (possibly by email on and you will have to provide original documents for enrolment) by next July 15 of the present academic year at latest (but as soon as you receive it). If you expect to graduate later, you cannot be admitted to the programme this year but are welcome to apply for the next year.

Q: I wanted to be sure before submitting my application if my Certificate of residence if fine. What are the criteria?

A: A “Proof of Residence” is an official document such as a residence certificate issued in accordance with your municipality normal registration rules, a bill for your place (electricity, phone, water...), a certificate of your place of work, study or training issued by the related employer or higher education institution or another document that fulfills the criteria mentioned below.

The “Proof of Residence” must show:

  • your name and surname as written on your passport
  • your address, including the city (as when you send a letter to this address)
  • a date not older than one year before the MyLIVE deadline
If the original document is not in English, you must also provide a translated copy with the original.
If you have a proof of residence (bill of electricity, of phone or…) with the name of a family member and not with your name, you must send:
  • The copy of the proof of residence
  • a sworn letter of the same family member with her/his copy of ID. 

Please find below an English model for the sworn letter (example if it is father's home): 


Name: of the family member to be filled

Address: of the family member to be filled 

        I, first name last name of family member to be filled, hereby declare that my daughter/son/family link, first name LAST NAME of you to be filled was living at home these last three months, therefore I produce for her/him a proof of residence with my name to assist her/his application. 

I hereby declare that the above is the full truth, 



Date to be hand written



Signature of the Family member to be hand written

Date, Name & signature

first name last name of the Family member to be filled in capitals"


Q: I want to provide several supplementary documents, but I can only upload one, how to upload several documents?

A: MyLIVE application allows to upload one supplementary document, only. This document can be a PDF combination of several documents with a maximum size of 20MB. To build or compress PDF, you can use for free online website such as

Q: Do I have to provide original documents for the application?

A: No. The application is completely on-line. As such only electronic copies must be provided. After you have been accepted the staff may, at their discretion, ask you to provide originals copies of all electronic documents used in your application.

Q: I cannot accept my place this year. Can the offer be deferred?

A: In accordance with the official regulations stipulated by the European Commission, an offer or acceptance into the EMLE programme cannot be deferred to the following academic year. As a result, the underlying applicant would have to re-submit his/her application during the following application cycle. Please note that such applicant, who has previously been accepted, is very welcome to refer to such previous offer in the course of his new application.

Q: What is the reserve list?

A: All students who fulfil the academic requirements of the LIVE but have not been ranked high enough to obtain one of the limited places in the programme are placed on the reserve list. If higher-ranked applicants decide not to accept the offered place, applicants on the reserve list will be contacted in order of their ranking. Typically, such offers are made between the end of April and the end of July.

Q: I have not been accepted. Can I re-apply next year?

A: Both applicants who cannot accept our offer this year (see above) and declined applicants are most welcome to re-apply for the next academic year. Please note that a transfer of this year's results and/or information to the next year is not possible. The application form and the exact requirements normally change between years. For this reason, any re-application has to be started fresh (i.e. the application form has to be filled in again and the required documents have to be uploaded).

Q: Why was my application denied?

A: Due to the large number of applications, the staff cannot provide individualized feedback on your application. Please refer to the application documents page to check what the relevant rating criteria are.

Updated on Aug 15, 2021