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European Commission Scholarships (EU / non EU)

How to finance your Master LIVE?

There is no specific application process for scholarships that are mentioned here. If you apply to LIVE programme on time, your application will be automatically considered for Erasmus + Joint Master scholarships (herein after Erasmus+ JM scholarships).

Those scholarships are merit-based, the same selection criteria, method and decision-making for selection to the programme will be applied to grant Eramus+ JM scholarships (best ranked applicants being offered Erasmus+ JM Scholarships).

# Erasmus+ Master JM scholarships:

Erasmus+ JM scholarships are funded by the European Union, to help Joint Master such as LIVE attract the best European and international students. Those are very generous scholarships grants, which can virtually cover all expenses, including travel and subsistence costs associated with joining LIVE programme during 2 years.

The actual amount of the scholarships will vary if you are considered from (nationality or residence) a Programme country or Partner country and in accordance with the distance from your country to the city of Lyon, France (campus of LIVE coordinating institution).

Type of costs covered by the Erasmus+ Jiont Master  scholarship

Amount granted to
a scholarship holder receiving IC scholarship

Amount granted to
scholarship holder receiving SHIP scholarship

Insitutional costs

9,000 € per year

9,000 € per year

Subsistence costs


1,400 € per month

Indicative TOTAL for the entire duration (24 months) of LIVE programme

18,000 €

51,600 €

The number of Erasmus+ JM scholarship varies from one year to another.

  • Erasmus+ JM scholarship covers the institutional costs and contribution to subsistence to cover installation, travel and accommodation costs.
  • The Student will receive the scholarship for a maximum of 24 months for the two academic years.
  • The participation cost will be deducted from the scholarship at the beginning of each academic year to cover the following: Tuition fees throughout the programme and essential study materials (including the compulsory language courses, e-learning, mission costs in relation to site visits and defense); Summer School costs; On-going support service and counselling by the International Student Services; Tutors/student assistant who help with everyday issues like settling in the dorm, registering for classes, getting medical help, etc.; Health insurance valid during studies in the LIVE programme.

Erasmus+ Joint Master scholarship eligibility criteria

Erasmus+ Joint Master scholarships can be offered to students from any region of the world.

One individual may apply for an EMJM scholarship to any of the Erasmus+ Erasmus Mundus courses of their choice (see the EMJM catalogue website), but for a given academic year the number of applications must be limited to maximum three different joint programmes. Candidates who do not comply with this rule may have their applications cancelled by the European Union.

In addition to LIVE programme selection requirements, applicants wishing to be considered for an Erasmus+ Joint Master scholarship should make sure that they cannot at the same time be beneficiaries of a grant for student or staff mobility in the framework of other higher education programmes funded by the European Union budget, and vice versa. Please note as well that scholarships holders are awarded for a student's participation in the complete Erasmus+ Joint master Degree programme and cannot transfer university credits from course taken prior to their enrollment […] for the purpose of reducing their mandatory activities in the joint programme.

Erasmus+ Joint Master scholarship selection criteria

This scholarship is awarded to best-ranked applicant during the selection process.

However, our scholarship policies embed European Union recommendations at intake level to achieve geographic balance:

  • No more than 3 candidates from the same country (or with the same nationality) should be awarded an Erasmus+ Joint Degree scholarship during the same intake;
  • A minimum of 25 % of scholarships will be earmarked for candidates from Programme countries.

The Erasmus+ Joint Master scholarships are directly managed by the LIVE consortium. Scholarships grants will be paid in several installmentsto to a Euro bank account. Administrative staff will help you to open a bank account upon arrival in France. Scholarship disbursement is subject to the conclusion and satisfactory fulfillment of the Student Agreement between the student and the LIVE consortium.

Please note that the legal basis and documentation that prevails for determining scholarships amount is the English version and latest version of the Erasmus programme guide (Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters– Erasmus+ Programme Guide – Version 2 (2022): 26-01-2022, p242.)


Updated on April 07, 2023