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Tuition Fees, self-funded student

All students admitted to the LIVE programme shall be subject to tuition fees. The partner institutions have determined the level of fees in accordance with national and institutional regulations and procedures, and after the EACEA (Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency) acceptance, at 9000€ per year. Self-funded students will be able to pay participation costs in three instalments.

The students shall be financially responsible for:

  • Travel to and from the institutions they are attending during the length of the programme
  • Books, stationery, etc.
  • Travel documentation, visas, etc.
  • Travel, accommodation and general living expenses
  • Students associations membership fees
  • Registration at courses/activities which are not compulsorily included in the programme study 

The total cost of the LIVE programme for a self-funded student can be estimated as below:

  • Tuition fees: 9,000 euros per year per student to cover your university costs
  • Living costs: 1,400 euros per month to cover your life costs including installation, subsistence, travel and accommodation in Europe
  • Visa costs for non-European students living outside the Schengen area

I cannot pay such participation costs, are scholarship grants available?

Participation cost (covering “tuition fees” and insurance) should not, in any case discourage you from applying if you have the required academic background. Very generous scholarships are available.

What do I pay for?

Participation costs that are charged to each student cover, for the entire duration of the LIVE programme, the costs related to:

  • Selection process;
  • Registration, and notably, local tuitions fees in hosting university;
  • Full access to LIVE curriculum (courses, offer of master thesis in the industry, exams, thesis examinations)
  • Social insurance and full insurance cover during the entire period of the programme;
  • Student' affairs services including administrative counseling, degree delivery, support for banking, housing, and immigration affairs;
  • Full access to any scientific courses offered by hosting universities;
  • Full access to hosting universities' libraries and online resources;
  • Full access to hosting universities services (culture, sports, health, …);
  • Dedicated local languages courses
  • Special tutoring / mentoring by an Academic Advisor; access to LIVE events and networking activities with industry and alumni.

Updated on April 7, 2023