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Admission Timeline

Successful applicants must have a solid background in biology studies with a sufficient understanding of written and spoken English. Candidates whose applications have been selected will be contacted for an interview. The selection procedures will be applied by the academic and management board (AMB).

  • From the ranked selected applicants who passed the interview process, AMB will establish a list of selected bright students according to their rank and to the requirement of the programme. The main list will contain 23 students with no more than 3 students from the same nationalities, no more than 5 students from partner countries of the Erasmus+ programme and a sex ratio comparable to the sex ratio of the eligible students.
  • On this list of students are indicated who are eligible for a scholarship, depending on the available EU grants or grants provided by associated partners and also the students who are already self-funded. The secretariat will ask to the not funded but selected students if they can find a financial support with their letter of acceptance.
  • A reserve list will be established with the remaining selected students, to call mature students with a solid background in biology studies, an excellent understanding of written and spoken English and depending on the nature of defections.
  • The secretariat publishes online the main list of the first 23 ranked students, indicating their acceptance or conditional acceptance in case the applicant is finishing his/her bachelor level (waiting for his/her last semester of academic records) and indicating the funding. The secretariat publishes online the reserve alphabetic list of selected applicants. 
  • The secretariat informs all applicants that both list have been published and can be consulted on line.
  • Following the selection process, the secretariat sends by mail and e-mail to the first 23 successful applicants:
    • a letter of acceptance or conditional acceptance in the case the applicant is finishing his/her bachelor level, waiting for his/her last semester of academic records the deadline to provide their transcript is July 15.
    • a letter of commitment in order for each student to confirm his / her venue in September in Lyon for the integration week in the LIVE master. The students must send back this letter so that students from the reserve list can be contacted if required. Self-funded students will have to provide a deposit of partial fees equivalent to two months of registration fees at acceptation in order to secure their place in the LIVE.

Updated on Aug 15, 2021