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Ranking & Who Will be Admitted 

Successful applicants must have a solid background in biology studies with a sufficient understanding of written and spoken English. The secretariat reviews criteria for  “eligibility” as described in the section "who can apply?". The selection procedures will be applied by the academic and management board (AMB). Candidates whose applications have been selected after the review process will be contacted for an interview.  

For selection, AMB will use the following rules in this order or priority: 

  • During the review process (weighted 9), each file is independently reviewed by two reviewers who:
    • score the pre-requisite testing : Multiple Answer Survey (MAS, weighted 2) and statement (weighted 2) that both require to understand and write English. If the number of eligible applicants is very high, the MAS can be used to filter the 150 applicants who score the highest.
    • score the letter(s) from referees via their institutional email (weighted 2) 
    • score the academic results (weighted 3)
    • write their assessment to recommend the applicant for interview or not.
  • We select for interview three times more students (75) than we have the places (25) according to the following rules::
    • Our associated partners would like to have some students with double diploma to employ them on specific position requiring vaccinology skills and legal signatures by PharmD, DVM or MD. Therefore, in order to improve the employability, the type of studies is considered to build four categories of students: pure scientist, PharmD, DVM and MD students. 
    • In case an application receives discrepant scores from the two reviewers, the Steering Committee, which is part of the AMB, nominates one of the five local coordinators to serve as a third reviewer to solve the discrepancy
    • The applicants with the top highest review scores and recommended for interview are summoned to the interview.
    • Analyse the status of the applicants to ensure internationality a maximum of 3 students from the same nationality, a maximum of 75% students from partner countries of the Erasmus+ programme and a balanced sex ratio or at least comparable to the sex ratio of the eligible students (in case of ranked equality, preferential will be given to the under-represented gender).
    • Indicate the funding status to know if the student is self-funded or require a scholarship to join the EMJMD LIVE.
  • The interview (weighted 9) consists of a 15-minute discussion period at University of Claude Bernard Lyon 1 or with webcam digital procedures in front of one third of the AMB. This is intended to check their maturity on their project to integrate the LIVE and to confirm their ability to exchange in English. Applicants who are not mature in their project or cannot exchange in English will be eliminated at this step, before the final ranking and grant allocation.

Updated on Aug 15, 2021