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  • From November to January: MyLIVE the online application is available, please look at the related section by clicking here
  • February: the administrative eligibility of application is considered and the international reviewing process is organised.
  • March-April are the months to organise interviews of the pre-selected applicants and to establish the list of selected applicants that must be validated by EACEA (European commission)
  • May to July: reserve list management and VISA application of the selected students.
  • Beginning of September: integration week in Lyon.
  • Mid-September: installation in Barcelona.

To avoid visa problem, the selection process will be run in March for a starting LIVE programme in September of the same year.

For detailed dates, please goto the LIVE website page: About LIVE / Calendars.

If applicants have any questions about the application process, please read the FAQ and for more personal questions, please contact us.

Updated on Aug 15, 2021