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Design & Objectives of the LIVE MOOC



The LIVE Master students will be involved in the building of a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) in the context of the teaching unit "Communication on Vaccines & Public Health" at semester 3.


Building a MOOC will develop the ability of the students in creating various digital supports to distribute scientific and humanities knowledge with the aim to increase the knowledge of the population on vaccines. We intend that, year after year, the MOOC will be enlarged and updated by the LIVE students and may become a privileged numeric space to respond to public questioning around vaccination and also to identify the human, religious or philosophic blockades in the use of vaccines, when it is advised to administrate vaccine for public health policy. The MOOC will be built to share the public scientific information about vaccines, safety of vaccines, and toxicity of adjuvants. As asked by our professional associated partners, producing or distributing vaccines, the students will experience themselves the interaction between vaccines & society in this reality project.

Updated 2015/10/25