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Objectives and Archives of the VaxInLive Symposia

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Founded in 2013, the VaxInLIVE Symposia are international meetings to foster exchanges between all actors of the vaccinology chain. VaxInLIVE Symposia are also the open place to meet LIVE students and alumni. This yearly training, international meeting and networking tool is funded by the partners and dedicated to one or other aspects of the multidisciplinary aspects of vaccinology. The VaxInLIVE symposia organisation circulates in the different countries of the LIVE programme. Increasing 150 to 300 participants attended the symposia, including 40% of Master and PhD students. Besides scientific aims, this international meeting participates in opening the student mind on professional life and favours their networking for employment


The programme of the previous VaxInEu Symposia can be donwloaded below:

Updated on Aug 15, 2021