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                    LIVE Learning Outcomes                      learning outcomes.png

The LIVE programme aims to prepare students for employment in multidisciplinary departments in industry, health organizations and foundations and/or for continuing their studies within PhD programmes. 

The LIVE graduate vaccinologists have understood and can explain immunological and immunopathological mechanisms, infectious pathogens and infectious diseases which can be or should be prevented by vaccines. They know the step-by-step research and engineering processes that conduct to vaccine development. They are able to apply and/or improve a scientific methodology to improve product development. They  will attain practical project management skills which are necessary for an effective application of the knowledge acquired. They are able to contribute to the formulation and implementation of a research project. 

They know the ecosystem of vaccine industry, research & clinical academics, and vaccine-related organizations and they have contacts in this ecosystem. Vaccinologists can imagine new forms of vaccines by manipulating the immune system to redirect its action against future targets such as cancer cells. They can act as an academic entrepreneur, defining new questions and research. 

The LIVE graduate vaccinologists have experienced the necessity to better communicate on the strengths and values of the vaccine in order to successfully contribute to the public health policies and vaccination campaigns. They have the ability to transfer knowledge and competences beyond the limits of his/her specialization and to embed design choices in dedicated social, economical, ethical and technical context. They communicate conclusions, and the knowledge and rationale underpinning these, to vaccine specialist and non-specialist audiences clearly and unambiguously. 

The LIVE graduate vaccinologists have learnt and improved two languages in addition to their native language and are positive on the value of mobility in good conditions. The international dimension of the LIVE Programme guarantees that students familiarize themselves with different educational methods and a multicultural education. 

In addition to these specific core of skills in science & humanities related to vaccines, some other learning outcomes are expected from the LIVE programme: students have developed ICT skills, efficiency for teamwork, written and oral communication, time management, numeracy: produce and search for quantitative information, analyze, think about and use it, vaccine user awareness. They shall think creatively about problems, lead him/herself and others in new practices with initiative & enterprise. They can take responsibility in multicultural teams.

Updated on Aug 15, 2021