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The S2 programme (30 ECTS)

For a specialisation in infectiology, the students will be trained in Belgium in the Master called “Infectious & Tropical diseases” accredited by the University of Antwerp (UA). The S2 programme is composed of:

  • 3 core scientific courses: 
    • Description & variability of pathogens (6ECTS), 
    • Host-pathogen interactions (3ECTS) and 
    • Clinical drug research (3ECTS); 
  • Advanced immunology will describe the specificities of the Immune system in newborns, pregnant women and elderly (3ECTS);
  • Industrial management courses are provided by GSK: 
    • Novel technologies, vaccine administration routes & adjuvants (3ECTS),
    • Vaccine manufacturing, and quality control process (3ECTS); 
  • Active attendance at the Summer School on Vaccinology (3ECTS);
  • Language course (3ECTS) and 
  • Optional course: Advanced data analysis or e-learning animal science (3ECTS).


View details on each teaching unit : 

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Updated on Aug 15, 2021