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 The "LIVE Connection"

A major achievement for the LIVE Master's graduates is their duties to know and understand that everything is connected such as immunity to body integrity, research to innovation, social perception to healthy well-being, society needs to industrial productions, human understanding and adhesion to useful public health policy. The LIVE family is delighted to create and maintain relationships that last, to build functional human network that remove complexity in the vaccinology chain. The various events that foster “LIVE connection” along the training of the Master students are listed below: they are designed to gain impassioned and constructive time. Besides the solid core of knowledge, LIVE Master graduates will become priceless collaborators due to their increased connectivity in the world of vaccines that support their positive and communicative entrepreneurship.
Do you guess what are IW, IDs, SSV, RIW, MOOC, PSV / MTD and VIES: the 7 keys of LIVE student connection?... clic below!

IW.PNGThe Integration Week (IW) … I will!

Students have praised us for the organisation of this integration week which has many benefits for them: 

  • bonding with all fellow students
  • finalising all registration and banking procedures
  • attending graduation ceremony and meeting senior students and alumni
  • attending the academic presentations which explains the organisation and content of the overall course
  • meeting the consortium partners and staff as well as discovering the local region through our cultural day.
  • Learning the basic management of their digital space and creating their e-portfolio

Connections will be established to LIVE consortium, bank, assurance, digital learning platform, personal e-portfolio, MOOC reality project, LIVE social internet networks, European culture, M1/M2 LIVE students and alumni.


IDs.PNGThe Induction Days (IDs) … Full of ideas! 

Whenever the students change location, Barcelona at Semester 1, Antwerpen at S2, Lyon & Saint-Etienne at S3 organize additional induction days with their national students and welcome structure in and outside the university perimeter for more surprises:

  • to focus on specific issues related to the respective countries and institutions
  • to acquire a better knowledge of the life in the host country and the rules of the studies in the host institution

Connections will be operated to LIVE local coordinators, local facilities, national culture, tutor students, territories and … humor!


SSV.PNGThe Summer School on Vaccinology (SSV) … a sure society to target my aims!

Closing the S2 and therefore the first year of the LIVE in Antwerp (BE) : The Summer School on Vaccinology is covering all aspects of vaccine research and development in one volume. This authoritative resource takes a comprehensive and systematic approach to the science of vaccinology focusing not only on basic science, but also on the many stages required to commercialize and navigate the regulatory requirements for human application, both in the United States and Europe. The Summer School on Vaccinology:

  • Reviews in detail the process of designing a vaccine, from the initial stages of antigen discovery to human application
  • Includes evaluation of vaccine efficacy and safety
  • Details clinical trial design, including regulatory requirements
  • Discusses the emerging field of active cellular immunotherapy

Visit the website of the Summer School on Vaccinology

Connections will be realized with keynote speakers from the vaccinology chain.


RIW.PNGThe Research Instructive Workshop (RIW) … Remember it's win-win! 

In January Semester 4 (M2), all the students attend this workshop organized by and for the LIVE students in the frame of the teaching unit "Project management", a major rendez-vous designed for:

  • A better cognition of the academic skills and future professional goals 
  •  “Speed dating” with your careers: interactive free discussions regarding the choice of various internships and careers in the Vaccinology chain

Connections will be made for a fruitful next future and to choose between a dedicated engagement in PhD studies or a complementary training (and which one?) to target specific positions in industry or directly a first professional position, after your internship and Master Degree awarding!


MOOC.PNGThe LIVE Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)… a world connected reality project!

The LIVE students will be involved in the building of a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) in the context of the teaching unit "advertisement on vaccines & public health" at semester 3. LIVE MOOCs are reality project dedicated to serve societies worldwide for some vaccinology aspects. LIVE MOOCs are built thanks to our digital platform and to our rich partnership with worldwide Higher Education Institution.


  • will develop the ability of the students in creating various digital supports to distribute scientific and humanities knowledge with the aim to increase the knowledge of the population on vaccines.
  • will be enlarged and updated by the LIVE students and may become a privileged numeric space to respond to public questioning around vaccination
  • will identify the human, religious or philosophic blockades in the use of vaccines, when it is advised to administrate vaccine for public health policy
  • will be constructed to share the public scientific information about vaccines, safety of vaccines, and toxicity of adjuvants. 

Connections will be openly installed between LIVE students and civil society to understand vaccine requirements, hesitancies and resistances. 


PSV.PNGThe Partner Site Visit (PSV) & the Master Thesis and Defence (MTD)... Interact with LIVE Partners!

PSV - During their two-year training, the LIVE students have the opportunity to visit and work with our associate partners. The education programme will include three compulsory visits at semester 1, 2 and 3. The visits can include conferences or practicals which will be evaluated in related teaching units. In addition, we will offer to coordinate group visit on sites for the concerned students, in agreement with their wishes and our capacities (or those from the students) to finance the travel. Due to the rich partnership, LIVE consortium will be reactive to the curiosity and the interest developed by the students for the industrial world and other organizations dealing with vaccines. 

MTD - The semester 4 is mainly devoted to the Master thesis (27 ECTS) with a 6-month joint venture immersed in the professional world. The aim of the Master thesis is to provide the student with an opportunity to exert the theories, tools and methodologies taught in M1 and M2. It generally responds to the request of a professional institution, or to a question raised by a research project. Our large LIVE partnership involves five categories of professional institutions:  

  • clinical or research centres
  • higher education institutions
  • big pharma companies
  • small and medium size companies
  • foundations and other organizations.

View our Partners.

Connections will be interactive & experienced in LIVE for internship by LIVE student at Partner professional institutions whose activity is linked to vaccine innovation, production or follow-up, worldwide. 


VIES.PNGThe VaxInEu Symposia (VIES) ... a very ideal expertise for vaccinologist seeds!

Organized from 2013 by the LIVE consortium, the VaxInEu Symposia are dealing with multidisciplinary aspects of Immunology, Infectiology, Cancers and other immune system related diseases, targeted by vaccinology. Several speakers, experts from different countries come and enrich the scientific and sociological discussions and perspectives on the topic of vaccines.

This professional and international environment is valuable for the students to check their skills and knowledge during and after their Master. LIVE students have the opportunity:

  • to discuss with a wide network of specialists from the vaccinology chain
  • to present their internship results
  • to look for a job or a PhD financial support following their LIVE graduation

Connections will be operational between the value of the LIVE graduates and managers from the vaccinology working chain.



Updated on Aug 15, 2021