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LIVE students will be trained to adapt to different cultures during their master by their mobility and their contacts with international and national students from the regions of Catalonia in Spain, Flanders in Belgium and Rhône-Alpes in France. Each student admitted to JMD-LIVE is offered different curricula depending on his/her background and the set of courses leading to equivalence when they are PharmD, DVM or MD students, in parallel to the pure scientist students coming from universities of science or school of engineers. Our integration week (# Sept 15-18) held at Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 in France is the key period, for the students to start their LIVE connected life, then all the service facilities are organized and finalized for all students who join the JMD-LIVE programme. 

Each partner university organizes additional induction day(s) whenever the students change location. The students will then move together at :

  • semester 1 in Spain: Barcelona # Sept 24-Jan 24
  • semester 2 in Belgium: Antwerp # Feb 1-July 15 
  • semester 3 in France: Lyon / Saint-Etienne # Sept 7-Jan 24. 
Finally, after completion of the three first semesters, the LIVE students will be dispatched all around the world for their internship (# Feb 1- July 31) and registered in the four main university partners at semester 4. The students will finally joint together for their final oral master thesis defence which will be run as an interactive symposium, circulating each year from one main partner to another.

Updated on Aug 15, 2021