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 LIVE Organization Chart 


Organization chart.png

General rules

Coordinating University

The Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (UCBL) is the coordinator for the LIVE programme. It is responsible for the general administrative, legal and financial oversight of the programme.

Organizing and Associate Partners

All organizing partners play a structural role in the LIVE governing bodies. They contribute directly and structurally to the implementation of the master by selecting and hosting eligible candidates and providing educational modules, as well as general support for installation and obtaining visa in the country, as specified in study program and student agreement. The main partners are the five organizing universities: Universitat de Barcelona (UB), Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), University of Antwerp (UA), Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (UCBL) and Université Jean Monet Saint-Etienne (UJM).

The associate partners of the LIVE network support the study programme and assist in the dissemination, promotion, implementation, evaluation and sustainable development of the master programme. They provide in particular internship opportunities for the semester 4 and professional tutorship of the candidates in collaboration with the academic tutor. We have 5 categories of associated Partners for the LIVE programme:

  • (BPC) Big Pharma Companies
  • (Clin_Res) Clinical and/or Research centres
  • (HEI) Higher Education Institutions
  • (Org) Foundations and Health Organizations
  • (SME) Small and Medium size Enterprises

Steering Committee (SC)

SC consists of the local coordinator of each of the five main partners. It is the executive Body for what concerns all study programme decisions, including budget aspects. It organizes the election of the representative partners for the academic and management board (AMB), chooses the members of the quality assurance committee (QAC), ensures the secretariat of the AMB, prepares reports and executes the AMB decisions. It also advises the AMB and proposes points for decisions. It is chaired by the Coordinator which conveys the SC meetings and prepares minutes.

Coordinator, Managers & Local Coordinators 

Dr Thomas STRATMANN (UB), Prof Peter DELPUTTE (UAntwerpen), Prof Stéphane PAUL (UJM)

Prof Paz MARTINEZ (UAB), Prof Christine DELPRAT (UCBL), Prof Dolores JARAQUEMADA (UAB)

  • Coordinator, Central & Networking Manager, Local Coordinator at UCBL, Chair Member of SC and AMB: Prof Christine DELPRAT (UCBL)
  • Selection Manager, Local Coordinator at UAB, Member of the SC and AMB: Prof Paz MARTINEZ (2016-2018), Prof Dolores JARAQUEMADA (from 2019) (UAB)
  • Quality Assurance Manager, Local Coordinator at UAntwerpen, Member of the SC and AMB: Prof Peter DELPUTTE (UAntwerpen)
  • Selection Manager, Local Coordinator at UB, Member of the SC and AMB: Dr Thomas STRATMANN (UB)
  • Communication & Dissemination Manager, Local Coordinator at UJM, Member of the SC and AMB: Prof Stéphane PAUL (UJM)

Academic & Management Board (AMB)

AMB is the decision-making body in relation to the timely and effective management of all aspects of the programme, including academic, scientific and administrative aspects such as: recruitment campaign and selection process; check the timely progress of the JMD-LIVE programme (recruitment prospects, overview of mobility of the candidates, examinations success rates, budget...).

AMB consists of :

  • all five members of the Steering Committee 
  • one representative of each of the 5 categories of associated partners listed above (BPC, Clin_Res, HEI, Org, SME)
  • all the funding associated partners. 

The Coordinator will act as chair of AMB. An elected representative of the LIVE Master students (one per edition) will attend the meeting, observe, advise, relay the students point of view, and report to the students, but will have no vote. The secretary of the LIVE master programme is assisting the Coordinator to take the minutes and write the meeting report, but will have no vote. AMB can invite people to be enlightened on specific topics before taking decision.

Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) 

QAC consists of two external evaluators chosen outside of the LIVE partners: one from academic and one from industrial world, and also one representative of the main partners outside of AMB, one representative of the associated partners outside of AMB, and a student representative. The QAC have the function to perform a quality monitoring of the master programme, and provide an annual report to the AMB. Members of the QAC are appointed by SC for three years.

Details of the LIVE implementation and management are available in the page Consortium Agreement

Updated on Aug 15, 2021