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CA.png               LIVE Consortium Agreement

The Erasmus+ Mundus Joint Master Degree “Leading International Vaccinology Education” (EMJMD LIVE) is coordinated by the university Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 for a network of partners composed of:

  • (Partners A) 5 main partners which are the universities delivering the Mutiple Degrees of the LIVE programme:
    • (UCBL) Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (Coordinating University) represented by M. Frédéric FLEURY, President (FR)
    • (UJM) Université Jean Monnet Saint-Etienne, represented by Mrs Michèle COTTIER, President (FR)
    • (UA) University of Antwerp, represented by M. Alain VERSCHOREN, Rector (BE)
    • (UAB) Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, represented by Mrs Margarita ARBOIX ARZO, Rector (ES)
    • (UB) Universitat de Barcelona, represented by Maria R. CALLEJÓN FORNIELES, Vice-Rector for International Policy (ES)

pdf.png CA-draft 2018: Following the approval of the LIVE programme by the European commission, Partners A will sign in 2015 a "Consortium Agreement" previously written together.


60 Total Associated or Supporting Partners from 22 countries (11 partner countries) are involved in the LIVE Consortium. These partners have provided a letter of commitment. 55 partner Institutions have provided a PIC number. The LIVE partners can be classified in five categories:

    • (HEI) Higher Education Institutions: 10
    • (Clin_Res) Clinical and/or Research centres: 21
    • (BPC) Big Pharma Companies: 9
    • (SME) Small and Medium size Enterprises: 9
    • (Org) Foundations and other Health Organizations: 11 
Their Letters of Commitment
Partners  wrote letters of commitment to explain their duties and interests to participate in the LIVE strategic partnership aimed at creating this initial education in the field of Vaccinology.

Updated on Aug 15, 2021