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LIVE+ 2018-2024 Programme

  • Accreditation of the three national masters founding the LIVE programme pdf.png (pdf)
  • Consortium Agreement pdf.png (pdf)
  • Posters
    • LIVE poster / A0 or A1 large format (complete version) pdf.png(pdf)
    • LIVE poster / A4 or A3 small format (light version) pdf.png(pdf)
  • Flyers
    • LIVE flyer / A4 recto-verso roll-fold format pdf.png(pdf)
  • Invited Scholars for the LIVE programme pdf.png (pdf) 
  • Logo LIVE pdf.png (pdf)
  • Partnership for the LIVE pdf.png (pdf)
  • Slideshow presentationpdf.png (pdf)
  • Student Agreement pdf.png (pdf) 
  • Teaching Unit sheets of the LIVE programme pdf.png (pdf) 


  • Alumni career booklet pdf.png(pdf)
  • Invited Scholars for the LIVE3 programme pdf.png(pdf) 
  • Partnership for the LIVE3 pdf.png (pdf)
  • Teaching Unit sheets of the LIVE3 programme pdf.png(pdf) 

Updated on Feb 16, 2023