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Multidisciplinary Skills

Multidisciplinary requirements for vaccinology

Vaccinologists need to learn science, humanities, digital and industrial skills, to become highly efficient at international level. Therefore one mandatory innovation to manage vaccine applications in the context of public health policies is the development of an adequate multidisciplinary workforce.

LIVE students have the opportunity to be trained in multidisciplinary tasks for 42.5% of their ECTS, including 10% of languages. These teaching units propose project managementcorporate cultures and humanities related to vaccinologyThey will learn the history of vaccination and vaccines, the place of vaccination in public health decisions, the social factors influencing vaccine policies and strategies for advertising on vaccines in different countries, the public and media perception of vaccination and vaccines to understand all the humanity parameters to monitor for the future of vaccine applications.

The internationally recognised CNRS Research Director Dr Anne-Marie Moulin, physician & philosopher of science, expert in vaccines & societies crosstalk, is taking part in LIVE consortium to organize the multidisciplinary teaching unit “Advertisement on vaccines & public health” (6ECTS).

In addition, the LIVE programme is built to develop the digital skills of the students, using digital supports to gain and distribute knowledge (flipped class, digital evaluation, e-learning), but also to interact with social & professional network (e-Portfolio building, VaxInEu Symposia) and to respond to public questioning around vaccination (LIVE MOOC building). 

Finally, the internship leading to the Master Thesis is the time for the LIVE students to practically check their ability to integrate multidisciplinary actions, depending on their professional choice.

Languages and multidisciplinary achievements in the LIVE programme

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Updated on Aug 15, 2021