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The LIVE programme is on the cutting edge in respect to internationality.

  • Our universities can be found from Europe to China, Canada, America and Brazil. 
  • LIVE students
    • constitute a very international group from all over the world, which creates a global working atmosphere while providing constant opportunities to improve social skills and cultural competences,
    • have the opportunity to study and live in foreign countries and encounter different cultures in an educational challenge which cannot be taught in a classroom.
  • LIVE graduated students perfectly speak, understand and write English which is the common language of scientists and the language for teaching in the LIVE scientific core programme.
  • LIVE programme improves the ability of the LIVE students to speak, understand and write two foreign languages, different from their native language, with a minimum of mandatory 10% ECTS dedicated to language learning, each semester.
  • Our international partnership associates universities, digital learning platforms, clinical and research centres, industrial partners and vaccine manufacturers, and health and research organizations from over 17 countries of 5 continents.
  • Our scholars and lecturers come from a diverse background of nationality, professions and life experiences. 

The LIVE family, composed of students, alumni, academic and private employers, scholars and lecturers, organizes open-mind international activities such as the scientific meetings "VaxInEu Symposia" and the massive open online courses "LIVE MOOC".

As the world becomes more integrated, as the vaccines can be designed, manufactured and distributed in different part of the earth, as the country cultures are very different from one to another, it is of great significance that our future vaccinology leaders experience the world on its largest scale.

Thus, the LIVE programme provides a multi-dimensional approach to internationality.

Updated on Aug 15, 2021