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Academic Excellence for a Scientific Core

Scientific Core

LIVE students basically acquire a solid and integrated scientific knowledge (57.5% ECTS), including:

  • fundamental and applied Immunology, Immunopathology
  • Infectiology & Epidemiology
  • Research & Clinical  and Industrial Vaccinology
  • with possible dual training, using e-learning teaching units in parallel of their professional internships, for those who are also studying medicine, animal health or pharmaceutical sciences.

The LIVE scientific programme also focus on specialized topics related to vaccination such as vaccine formulation and safety, aged or newborn or immuno-compromised immune systems, host-pathogen interactions, vaccine manufacturing and quality control process, animal course and clinical vaccine trials.

Methods and techniques of modern vaccinology are inserted in the LIVE programme. They include statistics, "omics" and computer modelling approaches. Vaccinology now has at its disposal an array of post-genomic approaches of great power and the parallel increase in cheap computing power have placed the bioinformatics exploration of pathogen genomes and host-pathogen interactions at the centre stage for vaccine researchers to foster the development of reverse vaccinology.


Based on three National Masters evaluated by national institutions in Europe (ANECA in Spain, NVAO in Belgium, HCERES in France), the LIVE programme is built on three accredited national Masters and provides a supreme level of internationality in its professors, universities and its students. The programme has recruited distinguished scholars from across Europe and the rest of the world to share their knowledge and instruct the next generation of Vaccinologists.

The LIVE programme provides a level of academic excellence recognized as an Erasmus+ Joint Master Degrees since 2015. 

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Updated on Aug 15, 2021