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The second year Master's program in Synthesis, Catalysis, and Sustainable Chemistry at the Universite Claude Bernard Lyon 1 is an intensive, high-level MS program taught entirely in English, intended primarily for English speaking international students.

The program is extremely dense, with 10 courses in the fall, and a research internship in the spring.  The internship can be done in any of the several hundred world-renown academic and industrial research groups in the Lyon area, but also throughout France and abroad.

The program is a research-oriented program, and the majority of students go on to a PhD program in Lyon, in France, or abroad. Nonetheless, it is also an excellent program for those wanting to go on directly to an industrial position.

Recommended Curriculum:  10 courses, 3 ECTS each

Principles of Green Chemistry

Optimizing Catalytic Processes: a multi-scale approach

From Catalyst to Industrial Application

Adv. & Green Methods for FG Manipulation

Adv. & Green Methods in Chem. of CC Pi Bonds

Adv. & Green Methods in Carbonyl Chemistry

Structure Determination

Inorganic Nanomaterials Chemistry.

Self-Evolving Molecular Systems

Sustainable Industrial Chemistry

For detailed course descriptions, please click here: (download course descriptions)

- Dual_MS_Chemistry_UNO_Lyon_Flyer


To apply:  Please download the attached application package, and send the filled application form and attachments to Pr Peter Goekjian, goekjian[@]

(download application package).  The package includes a flyer, course descriptions, application form, and a (non exclusive) list of research laboratories for internships.

Deadline:  All students coming from CEF countries MUST apply via Campus France before April 1.  However, you are encouraged to send an application form to Pr. Goekjian, so that we can preadmit you and simplify the procedure.

Some scholarships are available to help cover living expenses, etc. Please consult the CampusFrance database:

CMIRA Accueil Sup Scholarships from the Rhone-Alpes Region are gratefully acknowledged for the following students:


Janah SHAYA (2012)

Sanaa SHEHAYEB (2013)

Dan DU (2014)

Ginwa AJRAM (2014)

Sara MAZEH (2015)

Tiantian WEI (2015)


Lulu BU (2016)

 Zahraa SHAHIN


An Eiffel Scholarship from the Ministère des Affaires Etrangères et du Développement International for Ms. Riva KARSIFI is gratefully acknowledged